In The Morning Light

Thanks for everyone who has reached out, public or private. But after a night of a lot of thinking, and crying, and sleeping, I remember that I will probably be fine. Perversely my company’s stock is doing more than okay this morning (I guess everyone forgot about all those fake accounts?), I have a job that isn’t going anywhere unless the entire global structure collapses (gonna lean towards no on that front in the light of morning, but I guess we’ll find out), and though we passed a couple odious measures here in San Francisco (really Q?), I still live in San Francisco, which, right or wrong, is still seen as a bastion of certain ideals that I do not think will crumble overnight.

But not everyone will be fine. Not everyone feels that way this morning. That’s okay. Support them but don’t tell them they have to be at some point this morning if they are not. This is gonna take a long time for some folks to sort out. For my part, it’s time to redouble those efforts. Get involved at the local level. Groups like Transgender Law Center and the SF LGBT Center will become more essential. It’s time to start putting more money and effort into those groups. I get not everyone can, but I know that’s something tangible I can do, and I ask you to also look at what groups and organizations you can support, especially if they center their work at those in the most vulnerable intersections of our society.

And I will be okay because have my relative privileges. To my fellow folks who don’t feel that way, or know they won’t be, I need to use those to help them. Specifically when it comes to trans folks, remind your trans friends they are loved, sure, but if you want to provide more salient kind of help, also remind them now would be a good time to make sure they update as many legal docs as they possibly can, because who knows what’s next? Help them with things like that if you can because they are going to need it.

Support those that are different. Speak up for LGBTQ folks, people of color, immigrants, Muslims, women, folks with disabilities, and so many more. Speak truth to injustice even when it seems no one wants to listen. Fight what comes next.

If you can, get involved on the local level in other ways too. It’s hard to think about 2018 now, but we must. This is when we can start building toward that in our communities. The fight to support each other starts at that level.

It’s odd to approach this with equanimity. I guess that is just how I process stuff. But don’t confuse that with complacency. Also, I’m not really walking back how I feel about Trump supporters. I am not sure exactly how to interact with them at this moment, not sure if I’ll ever know how to interact with them, and while some may say we need bridgebuilding, I am also tired of being asked to meet people halfway who never take a step forward. Remember that’s what is being asked of so many folks. At some point, I’m sure I’ll figure out how to deal with that as well, but how do I meet people who refuse to acknowledge my existence is just as valid as theirs? Certainly I will have to continue to interact with people who did. I am just not sure exactly how yet.

Find your support. Find your people. We are going to need each other. I know a lot of us probably cried last night; don’t forget to laugh too. It’s a weird time to be looking for joy and silver linings, but I love y’all. That didn’t change last night. In fact, in many ways, it galvanized it. Y’all are family. And even in the darkest times, we need to lift each other up. We’re gonna need each other to do the work ahead. I am not here to say you need to start doing that today; take your time. But know I am here to help when you are ready.

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